As a tree trimming Malibu provider, CP & Sons Tree Service has seen the damage done to the community in the last couple of weeks.

The Malibu fire occurred early November 2018 and it was about a week before it was fully contained. CP & Sons Tree Service wants to personally thank the brave firefighters, first responders, and volunteers. These are the people who were there for weeks at a time helping the community during such a devastating time.

What started off as the Woolsey fire, eventually spread to the Malibu area. Malibu is most known for its greenery, beaches, and luxurious properties. These were damaged by the fire. However, no devastation was as bad as the one that residents of the Malibu area suffered. About 670 structures were harmed inside the Malibu area – and about 400 homes were destroyed.

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As a tree trimming Malibu provider, we have visited this beautiful community many times. We have helped our fellow neighbors maintain their community clean. This is why we want to share some tips to help those in jeopardy of any fires. This is especially for those in the California area who are more prone to them. These are some steps which can help you decrease any health hazards that wildfire smoke may present:

Check Local Air Quality

Look up any reports that may show how the air quality is in your area. You can check the local news or check on to make sure that you are not at risk in your area. If you are, the best place you can stay is indoors to keep you safe (as long as you are not given any orders to evacuate).

Keep The Air Indoors Clean

If the air quality is bad in your area, make sure you are staying indoors as much as possible. Keep the air indoors as clean as possible by keeping any doors and windows closed. Also, make sure to close surrounding small holes where smokey air can seep in. Make sure you run an A.C. to keep your lungs healthy while indoors – but make sure to keep the fresh-air intake closed so no outside air comes in. Worst case scenario – make sure to leave the area to keep yourself safe and healthy.

Avoid Indoor Pollution

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A lot of normal, everyday things can trigger air pollution inside your home even if all the windows and doors are closed. Products such as candles, gas stoves, or fireplaces can increase the air pollution inside your home and affect your lungs.

By following these tips, you will be able to keep your body healthy and safe. Keep in mind that if any fires are coming near your area, evacuate immediately before it is too late. Consult with a fire department close in your area or check in to make sure if you need to evacuate or not.

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