Our tree trimming in Los Angeles team highly advises against topping trees.

Conversely, topping trees may create more problems than solutions. The act of tree topping may decrease the tree’s height, however, it comes at a price. By topping trees, you are withering away the tree’s health. In addition, the pitfalls of an unhealthy tree may be more dangerous than a tall and overgrowing tree. Below are more reasons why you should stay away from topping trees:

Stripping Away the Food Source

By trimming the top of the tree, the leaves will be cut off from the entire plant. By cutting the leaves off of a tree, you are essentially stripping away the tree’s food source.

Shortened Limbs Can Cause Many Negative Effects

After tree topping is performed, all that’s left are shortened limbs. These limbs are at higher risk for decay. The shortened limbs also provide easier access to birds and insects that may further increase the rate of decay for the tree.

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Weaker Limbs

As the tree begins to recover from the tree topping, the new limbs grow far more fragile. Weaker limbs have a direct impact on the tree’s declining health, as the limbs do not support the tree’s weight. These limbs are less likely to survive during windy days and storms.

Unnatural Cycle

Although tree topping is performed to reduce the size of trees, the tree will eventually grow back to its normal size. This creates a safety hazard since the tree is more prone to fall due to its fragile state. In the end, the only thing that tree topping does is cause damage to trees for the purpose of a short-term solution.

Alternatives to Tree Topping

There are plenty of other alternatives to tree trimming or tree reduction without risking the health of the tree. One method includes pruning, which will reduce the tree’s height without sacrificing its health. Be sure to contact our local tree provider for proper tips and techniques.

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