Tree Care & Pruning

Tree care and pruning are typically used to remove dead or unwanted branches, reduce the risk of further complications, and improve the form of the tree. Pruning techniques may also be used to enhance air and light penetration to the tree’s crown or to the flora below. Typically, fully matured trees are pruned as a preventative or corrective measure.

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Tree Removal

Tree removal is largely considered one of the most dangerous aspects of arboriculture. Often, tree removal includes the removal of very large, heavy trees. The process presents many perils to both safety and property. Tree removal service can include removal of trees growing near utility lines, houses, confined spaces, or other precarious areas.

Tree Planting

Our tree planting service is a labor intensive and delicate aspect of arboriculture. Tree planting requires thorough planning and heavy lifting combined with the proper know-how and a delicate touch. Here at CP and Sons Tree Service, we have spent decades perfecting our approach and our tree planting service is top notch.

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Tree Cabling & Bracing

Trees may grow in a way that their base can no longer support the tree’s weight. This defect is common in trees with multi-trunks and open canopies. Failure of a tree to support its own weight can result in personal injury, property damage or damage to the tree itself. Arborists can utilize bracing rods and cables to strengthen the structural integrity of the tree.

Palm Tree Care

Palm trees can present unique challenges to homeowners. It is essential to understand these challenges when maintaining the health of palm trees. The removal of dead fronds and fruit bunches is a common and necessary part of palm tree care, however, the height of the tree can pose a unique set of challenges.

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Stump & Root Grinding

In many cases, after a tree has been cut down or has fallen, a tree stump will remain. Trees may or may not regenerate from these stumps, however, stump removal is a necessary part of completely extirpating a tree. This can be done one of two ways: tree stump removal or tree stump grinding.

Wood Chipping

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Loading & Hauling

Loading and hauling trees, landscaping, yard debris and shrubs is a large part of what we do. Once trees have been cut, your yard will be left looking clean.

Crane Assisted Removal

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Emergency Tree Service

We realize that emergencies may arise where tree service may be critical. In these situations, we are pleased to offer our emergency tree service.

Air Spade Services

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