Do you charge for an estimate?

No, all estimates are free of charge. However, we do charge for formal tree evaluations. We define evaluation as the formal assessment of a tree or trees that culminate in further tree services performed by our company. We define estimate as a proposal given to our clients that may or may not result in services to be performed. 

Is your team licensed and insured?

Yes, we are fully licensed through CSLB, have general liability insurance, and workers’ compensation. For more information, click here to visit our License and workers’ compensation page.

Does your crew speak English and Spanish?

Yes, our team is comprised of Los Angeles natives who speak both English and Spanish fluently. 

What payment methods do you accept?

We do not accept credit cards, only cash or check. We kindly request 10% deposit for projects over $1000.

Is there a potential for property damage?

Unfortunately, in the world of tree trimming, there is always the potential for property damage. If damage occurs, we own up and take responsibility to make it right. Our reputation and record speak for itself and in all the decades that we have been in business, the highest amount of repairs we had to pay was $400. We take pride in protecting our clients’ properties and investments.

Does your team follow certain procedures to work in a safe environment?

Yes, working in a safe environment is our first priority. We follow all industry safety standards for employees and public safety. We do not sacrifice safety to cut corners or save time.

Why should we hire your team?

We are honest and never oversell or make promises we cannot commit. Our company’s values consist of safety, integrity, and quality. We have state of the art equipment and skills/ techniques that are modern and advanced.  Our team is fair and passionate about our work.

When is the ideal time to prune a tree?

Trees can be pruned year-round, depending on the tree. 

Does your team haul debris and wood?

Yes, typically all debris and wood are hauled and chipped. All details are determined before the start of the work. 

Does your team use spikes when pruning trees?

No, spikes are considered highly unethical in the tree service industry and, as such, we do not use spikes to climb living trees. Spiking was a common practice in the 1980s and still occurs today, so we are happy that you asked, however, we a very much against using spikes for pruning live trees. 

Does your team top trees?

No, just like spikes, tree topping is highly looked down upon in the industry. Tree topping is the worst thing that can be performed since it can lead to decay, sunburn, or cause health issues to the tree.

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