For many who deal with the issue of soil compaction, air spade services may be the best solution.

While soil compaction is widely prevalent and is subject to any yard, many are unaware of the benefits of air spade. By understanding the causes of soil compaction, the harms of compaction, and remedies, you will be able to improve the health of your plants.

What Causes Soil Compaction?

First off, compaction of soil is a gradual process that happens over time. As soil settles initially, it becomes compacted through the effects of the environment. For most cases, vibrations of nearby streets, or high traffic areas are the main causes of compaction. As people walk over the soil, the soil is packed tighter together, making it incredibly dense. While the soil becomes more compact, it poses a problem to the trees that inhabit the area.

Dangers of Soil Compaction

A key danger in soil compaction is evident in a tree’s inability to grow healthy roots. The compacted soil is too dense for the plant to grow. In addition, the roots are unable to reach key nutrients and oxygen.

Air Spade Services

Common Remedies

For these reasons, a popular remedy for compacted soil is an air spade also known as air tilling. For those who are not familiar with air tilling, it is a process where a tool that uses highly-compressed air to loosen the soil is used. The compressed air breaks up porous substances like soil and dirt. The compressed air, although highly powerful, only breaks up porous materials, and will not wither away tree trunks or pipes.

The air spade process may be used to improve aeration within the soil, as well as introduce new nutrients and organisms to the soil. An air spade is a multi-faceted tool that is known for its benefits in air tilling and soil augmentation processes. By proper utilization of an air spade, you will be able to regain proper health for your trees.

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