Tree Trimming Malibu

Because of Malibu’s unique, beautiful landscape, tree trimming in Malibu requires both experiences in arboriculture and the Malibu landscape. There are several fungal and bacterial diseases, as well as other tree trimming complexities specific to Malibu. At CP & Sons Tree Service, we have several decades tree trimming in Malibu and we are pleased to bring those services to you.

Tree Removal Service Malibu

CP & Sons Tree Service offers tree removal service in Malibu that is recognized as one of the best services available. Tree removal can be a very dangerous and labor-intensive job and there is always a potential for property damage. The size of certain trees can make them especially difficult to remove. That is why at CP & Sons Tree Service we take extra precaution with our tree removal service in Malibu.

Tree Stump Removal Malibu

Undesired tree stumps can be very unsightly and can mar the beauty of a landscape. The roots and stump can be very difficult to remove with normal equipment. CP & Sons Tree Service offers top-level tree stump removal in Malibu and has the experience necessary to handle any job, big or small.

Tree Pruning Service Malibu

Have you ever tried pruning a tree yourself? Well, if you have, then you realize that tree pruning can be a very easy job or it can be a very difficult job. Depending on the exact tree pruning service that you are looking for, our tree pruning service in Malibu has the expertise necessary to handle any job that comes our way.

Tree Cutting Service Malibu

At CP & Sons Tree Service, tree cutting is our passion. We have been delivering tree-cutting service in Malibu for several decades and have been recognized as top performers in our field. No matter what kind of specific tree cutting service you are looking for in Malibu, we have the expertise to help you find what you are seeking.

If you are interested in getting a free estimate or if you want to get CP & Sons Tree Service to come out and look at your property, please call us now. We are standing by and ready to help.

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